Thomas Filloux Freelance developer

Originally from the French mountains, between Geneva and Chamonix.
I have always been passionate about three things. The mountains with skiing, hiking and scenery. Then travels to the discovery of new places, new people and new cultures.
And finally the web, a passion since childhood and persists through all its developments. Internet has become an indispensable tool of our world, and I like to be able to profile this passion to come to help the people who wants to start in this vast universe.

Last news

Meeting Point Australia

16/02/2016Meeting Point Australia

Meeting Point Australia is a new company create by Julie, a french woman. She based on Melbourne and Meeting Point is a company create for help the foreign persons to find the best way to enjoy Australia. Julie helps people for visa applications, to find the best training to a student visa but also for find a job or for get some informations about Australia.

Wordpress - HTML5 - CSS3 - Jquery

Filt in Trip - Travel website

03/07/2015Filt in Trip - Travel website

Filt in Trip is the name of my own website of travel. I created it for showing all the pictures and the places I visited during my trip at my family and my friends. For create this website, I stayed 3 weeks in a house in Koh Phan Gan in Thailand. During this 3 weeks, I improved my skills in PHP and MySql for create a back office to simplify adding of the countries, cities, places, and pictures.

HTML5 - CSS3 - Jquery - MVC